Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Unboxing: Steins;Gate Visual Novel by JAST. Limited Edition.

So JAST has finally put out the limited edition box set of Steins;Gate the Visual Novel for PC. Unfortunately this game did not come with Nitro+'s cosplay patch. You may have to find that yourself. The game is awesome.

Here is the unboxing video

Now I'm going to be serious. People have been uploading JAST's version of Steins;Gate up on the internet for illegal downloading. I highly advise against this. Please support the company by buying this game so we can get a localized version of the games Chaos;Head, Robotic;Notes and the up and coming game called Chaos;Child. Piracy will not help bring over the other sci-fi games to the west.

You can order Steins;Gate in the link below.