Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NIS America to release Toradora Blu-ray Boxset!

Toradora was NIS America's first anime release in America. Since then NIS America has released many wonderful anime such as Kimi ni Todoke and Anohana. Now NIS is reviving Toradora with a Blu-ray Box-set release. There will will be two releases a premium box-set and standard box-set. The premium box-set will be $129.99 dollars and will include all 25 episodes, an original anime video and a hardcover book.  The standard edition will be worth $59.99 and will be released in two box-sets. It can be found on RightStuf!

 NIS America also has announced that they will be releasing an English dub, which in itself is a rarity of NIS America to do. The main cast for has been announced.

The disks are to contain extras such as clean opening and ending, mini-episodes and TV spots. The premium and standard box-sets are set to be released on July 1st, 2014.  Japan saw it's own blu-ray release back in 2011.

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